The Chesterfield Building

Duke University

Durham, North Carolina

Gaudreau, Inc. is providing design services for the renovation of the historic Chesterfield Building.

This seven-story building was originally constructed in 1948 with a distinctive red brick facade with black brick bands where the punched window openings are located. The building is classified as historic and appropriate steps are being taken to preserve and repair the building structure and to replicate the original window design of the facade on all sides of the building. The existing windows are proposed to be removed and insulated, glazed window units will be installed. The development team is working with SHPO and NPS on the historical review and criteria to be followed for this project. Additionally, the City of Durham Historic Preservation Commission has requirements and reviews which must be followed as part of the process.

The building exterior will be maintained, repaired and restored in areas where modifications were made over the years. NPS has approved the addition of a limited amount of new windows, which will match the existing windows in size and design. NPS has also approved the addition of new entrances at the first floor to serve retail tenants along Main Street and Duke Street.